Vermont Administration/Principal Certification


In order to serve as a school administrator, candidates must earn endorsements to add to their existing license. The Virginia Department of Education requires administrative candidates to demonstrate how both their education and experience qualifies them to become school leaders.

Education Requirements

Those seeking an endorsement as a principal must hold at least master’s degrees and demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of Educational Administration/Leadership
  • School Law
  • School Finance or School Business Management
  • Staff Evaluation/Development
  • Curriculum Management
  • School/Community Relations

Candidates must complete 18 credit hours in these areas to be considered for an endorsement as a principal.

Learn more about the graduate school process. Contact schools offering educational administration degree programs in Vermont.


Currently, candidates seeking initial Vermont licensure as an administrator only need to complete the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills Tests. The PRAXIS I tests consist of examinations in reading, writing, and mathematics, measuring a candidates basic skill set.

Candidates must receive scores of 177 on Reading, 174 on Writing, and 175 on Mathematics to be considered for certification.

The DOE notes that testing requirements may change over time, including adding additional PRAXIS II testing requirements.

Experience Requirements

In order to become earn a principal endorsement, candidates must complete at least three years of experience as a PreK-12 teacher.

Gaining experience as a teacher before becoming an administrator gives the candidate a wealth of background knowledge and communication skills that will help drive them to be successful leaders. For more information on transitioning from teaching to administration, click here.

Document and Application Requirements

Initial administration license seekers should complete an Initial Educator Application.
During the application process, candidates must designate they are seeking an administrative principal endorsement.

Applicants should include all transcripts and documentation of coursework completed toward their administrative licenses with their application packets.

Candidates must also complete an oath committing to uphold the U.S. and Vermont Constitutions, a current resume, consent for release of registry information, and a check or money order payable to Vermont DOE – Licensing Office for $160 in processing fees.

Candidates who already hold teacher licenses in Vermont may add an administrative endorsement to their current license by requesting a Transcript Review. Applicants should complete the review page and include the worksheet verifying they meet the general competencies for principals.

Completed applications may be sent to the DOE office at:

Vermont Department of Education
120 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05620-2501

Criminal History Background Check

All educators seeking certification must undergo fingerprinting and background checking in Vermont. During their application process, candidates must complete a form allowing their background information to be released to the DOE. Candidates may find the form here.

Candidates must also submit fingerprints to the licensing office. The easiest way to obtain an acceptable set of fingerprints to to visit local Identification Centers offering fingerprinting services.

Applicants should include a $19.25 fee payable to the Vermont Department of Public Safety with their application packets for fingerprint and background check processing.

Contact Information

If you’re interested in learning more about the administrator certification process in Vermont, email the DOE at [email protected] or call them at 802-828-2445.