Idaho Substitute Teaching License


Would you like to work as a substitute teacher in Idaho? The Idaho State Department of Education does not require substitute teachers to have a permit or certification, but requirements for substitutes are different from one school district to the next. Read below to discover how to substitute teach in Idaho.

Education Requirements

There are two categories of substitute teachers in Idaho: certified and classified. In order to serve as a classified substitute teacher in Idaho, you must have at least a high school diploma or GED. Some of Idaho’s larger school districts may require a temporary certification in order to serve as a substitute, or even a certain number of college credits or an associate’s degree. Check with your local school district for its requirements. Classified substitutes must usually undergo substitute orientation, which involves training, and is specific to each school district’s policies.

Want to learn how to earn a professional teaching certification? Contact schools offering teaching certification programs in Idaho.

To serve as a certified substitute in Idaho, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree or a teaching certificate and attend your school district’s mandatory substitute teacher training.


Idaho school districts vary in their experience requirements for substitutes. Some may require no experience, while others may desire that substitutes have experience working with children in some capacity. Check with your local school district for their policies.

Criminal History Background Check

All substitute teachers in Idaho must undergo a criminal history background check before being allowed to work in a school district. You will be fingerprinted and a check will be run through three agencies: the FBI, the Idaho Bureau of Criminal Identification, and the Statewide Sex Offender’s Register. You will not be approved to work as a substitute teacher in an Idaho school district until that district receives the results of your background check.

Additional Information

Certified substitute teachers earn more per day than classified substitutes. The average rate per day for certified substitutes in Idaho is $75, while classified substitutes make approximately $65 per day. If you are working a long-term substitute teaching assignment (usually defined as 10 consecutive days or more) and are a certified substitute, you may make up to $135 per day. Classified long-term substitutes may make about $85 per day. Check with your local school district for its exact substitute teacher pay rates.


Deadlines for applying for substitute teaching positions vary from one Idaho school district to the next. Contact your local Idaho school district for more information.

Contact Information

Get in touch with your local Idaho public school system for more information about substitute teaching.