Utah Teaching Salaries and Benefits


Utah prides itself in having a competent public education system that attracts exceptional teachers. As teachers are tasked with training the next generation of citizens, Utah hopes to entice even more quality teachers to call the state home.

Utah attracts these teachers with a benefits package that includes both health coverage and retirement planning services. These benefits help teachers focus solely on enhancing students’ lives and knowledge, instead of worrying about any future financial or health-related issues.

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Teacher Salaries in Utah by Education

As teachers further their educations and gain experience in the field, they receive pay increases that reflect their dedication and hard work. Salaries vary between school districts, but the following are some examples of the salaries you can expect in Utah:

At 3 years$34,025 $37,778
At 6 years$37,627$41,366
At 9 years$41,686$45,432
At 12 years$46,131$49,875

Source: Davis School District

Retiring in Utah

After you’re hired as a teacher for the state of Utah, you have the choice of enrolling in one of two retirement options. Both of these options are designed to give you lifelong benefits and peace of mind once you retire.

Hybrid Retirement
The hybrid plan is a combination of a pension and 401(k) plan. Your employer will contribute 10% of your annual salary between both plans – the pension and the 401(k).

The pension gives you a guaranteed lifetime monthly benefit calculated by several factors. You can determine your likely benefits with the following formula:

Year of service
multiplied by
multiplied by
Final Average Salary (average of five highest years)

For example, if you worked a total of 35 years with an average salary of $65,000, your final benefit would be $34,125 annually or $2,843.75 monthly.

You become eligible for full monthly retirement benefits if you are:

  • 65 with four years of service
  • 62 with 10 years of service
  • 60 with 20 years of service
  • Any age with 35 years of service

Defined Contribution Plan
With the defined contribution plan, you sign up for just the 401(k) plan, and do not receive a guaranteed monthly pension.

Your employer contributes 10% of your annual salary to a 401(k) plan. Total contributions paid into this plan become vested to your account after four years of service.

The amount of money you receive in retirement depends on the investment performance and personal withdrawals you make. You are never required to contribute to this plan, and you will be responsible for all of your investments.

There is no age qualification with this retirement plan. You can withdraw from your vested 401(k) account at any time after you terminate employment.

Utah also offers teachers special death and disability benefits to retirees. Contact the Utah Retirement System to learn more.

Access to Affordable Health Insurance

As a public employee in Utah, your health insurance and benefits are managed through your individual school district.

However, many schools districts employ a comprehensive benefits package using the Public Employees Health Program (PEHP). This program is designed to give members access to more than 12,000 providers and every major hospital in the state of Utah.

Your specific plan will be determined by your employer and will cover a selection of common medical expenses including:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Well Visits
  • Hospital Care
  • Specialized Services
  • Urgent Care

In addition to medical care, PEHP offers members access to dental, life and accident, long-term disability, and health savings accounts.

If you’re interested in learning more about specific benefits, contact local school districts or explore more resources provided by Employee Health Plan.